biography Johannes Wallmann

The Composer Johannes Wallmann [1997]

Johannes Wallmann

Composer/Sound Artist, born in 1952 in Leipzig; after course of study in music, composed numerous chamber, orchestral, and landscape sound compositions.
1990-93, founder and artistic director of »Bauhütte Klangzeit Wuppertal«. 1994, »Auri -- Music in Space for chamberensemble« (broadcast live by DeutschlandRadio);
1995, »Glocken Requiem Dresden«, (Requiem for 129 interlinked churchbells - broadcast live by MDR, DeutschlandRadio, BBC); 1996, »Klang Felsen Helgoland« (Sound Cliffs Helgoland - Landscape- soundcomposition, broadcast live by NDR 3);
1997 »Innenklang - Music in space for four orchestral groups and sopranos« in the Cathedral Berlin (Radio-Symphony Orchestra Berlin, broadcast live by DeutschlandRadio);
1997 »Transforma - Music in Space for 5 Sopranos« (after St. Mallarmé), Kryptonale Berlin. Member of the artist group KrypTonale Berlin, teaches in the department of architecture at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee (College of the Arts, Berlin-Weißensee). Numerous radio productions, awards, and invitations.

Johannes Wallmann

born in Leipzig in 1952, grew up in Dresden; 1953/54 political persecution of father, premature death of mother. A childhood filled with music

1968-73 studies music in Weimar, becomes interested in unusual forms of composition and performance. Ends his studies at early age of 21 due to incompatibility of his views with prevailing socialist dogma. 1973-1975 orchestral musician in Meiningen; 1975-1979 member of the Staatskapelle Weimar (Weimar State Orchestra)

1974 "Kammermusik unkonventionell" ("unconventional chamber music") – first public performance of own compositions

1975-84 leader of the gruppe neue musik weimar,
numerous concerts in all the important music centers of the GDR

Starting in 1976, takes instruction in the philosophy of art from the Gotha painter and designer Kurt W. Streubel; intensive engagement, among other matters, with parallels and connections between the visual arts and music. Collaborative work on "Synopsis"

1974-1981 Life on the farmstead in Kirchheim near Erfurt
1976 stricken by exile of Wolf Biermann
Watched by the Staasi

1976 KREISSPIEL (CIRCULAR PLAY) FOR 3 GROUPS, premiere in the studio theater of the Palace of Culture in Dresden

1976 Marriage
1977 Birth of daughter
1979 Birth of son

1976-1986 Publishing contract with Edition Peters Leipzig/Dresden as well as with the Deutsche Verlag für Musik Leipzig; twelve orchestral and chamber compositions taken up into the publishers' catalogues

1980-81 Master class for composition with F. Goldmann at the East Berlin Academy of Art. 1980 Hanns Eisler Prize; premiere of STADIEN (stages) for orchestra and piano, performed by the Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted W.-D. Hauschild with B. Otto, soloist

1980 premiere of ANTONYME in Frankfurt/Main, performed by trio presence

From 1981 increasing intensification of culturo-political clashes with the cultural authorities of the GDR; artistic production hindered extensively

Excerpt from Staasi files:
"The content and expression of Wallmann's compositions suggest a thematic complex and aims that are negative or hostile to the state."

1982 begins developing the holistic artistic concept of INTEGRAL ART, and the play of musical combinations (ALEA MUSIK)

1983 premiere of RIVOLTO, performed by the gruppe neue musik weimar, in Berlin TiP

1985 music performance in the Berlin Cathedral on the occasion of the opening of the unofficial installation exhibition "Götzen, Ismen, Fetische" (idols, isms, fetishes)

1986 Application for exit visa to leave the GDR
1988 Emigration to West Germany

September 1988 premiere of AXIAL for orchestra, performed by the Wuppertal Symphony conducted by Peter Gülke

1988-89 develops the project called KLANGZEIT for the city of Wuppertal

1989 MUSIC IM RAUM / MUSIK ALS RAUM (music in space/music as space), concerts in Wuppertal and Cologne

1990-93 founder and artistic director of the BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT in Wuppertal

1990 performances and guest lectures at the International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt

Starting in 1990 numerous radio productions and programs, including Deutschlandfunk, Hessischer Rundfunk, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, DeutschlandRadio, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Norddeutscher Rundfunk

1991 conceived and directed the first interdisciplinary KLANGZEIT Symposium with the theme PART - ART - WHOLE

1991 SCHWEBEN UND HÖREN (hover and hear) - from sound to sound with a Wuppertal cable car, live electronic sound installation

1992 premiere of KONZERT IN SPIEGELFORM (concert in mirror form), Saarländischer Rundfunk (Saarland Radio)

1992 artistic director of the international festival KLANGZEIT WUPPERTAL, as well as of the second interdisciplinary Klangzeit Symposium with the theme ZEITKLANG/KLANGZEIT (sound of the times/sound-time) IN LANDSCAPE AND ARCHITECTURE

1992 premier of KLANGSEGEL (sound sail) – composition, sculpture, sound, light, color, computer (in collaboration with Rainer Dunkel)

1993 concept and initiative for a BAUHAUS INTEGRAL WEIMAR

1993 concept development for CULTURAL VISIONS on the occasion of the 300th anniversary celebrations of the Berlin Academy of Art

1993 Xsemble München performs CIRCULUM, recorded by Bayrischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio)

1993/94 premiere of ZEIT-KLANG-LANDSCHAFT (time-sound-landscape) for eight musicians separated by distance, Bad Berka / Weimar Arts Festival

1994 performance of the SUITE MODERABEL (variable suite) in Frankfurt/Main, Heilbronn, Rottenburg, Weimar, recorded by the radio stations Südwestfunk Baden-Baden and MDR Kultur

1994 premiere of AURI - music in space for chamber ensemble, Wartburg Concert, Eisenach; broadcast live by DeutschlandRadio

1994 appointed artistic director of the New Music Studios of the Berlin Association of Audio Artists

1995 premiere of GLOCKEN REQUIEM DRESDEN (Dresden Bell Requiem), composition for 129 networked church bells. Broadcast live by MDR, DeutschlandRadio, and BBC; CD 1995

1995 move to Berlin

1995 resigns artistic directorship of the New Music Studios due to declined application for funds


1996 founds the KLANG & ZEIT association for the realization of the latter comprehensive project

1996 Premiere of the landscape-sound composition KLANG FELSEN HELGOLAND, broadcast live by NDR 3; CD 1996

1996 ZEITzeitraumRAUM (TIMEtime:spaceSPACE), sound installation and concert, recorded by SFB

since 1996 member of the artist group KRYPTONALE, Berlin

since 1997 instructor in the department of architecture, School of the Arts, Berlin

1997 premiere of INNENKLANG, performed by the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, organized and broadcast live by DeutschlandRadio; CD 1997

1997 premiere of TRANSFORMA – music in space for 5 sopranos (after UN COUP DE DES by Stephane Mallarmé), Berlin, Kryptonale III; CD 1998

1998 develops the ccb (centrum cryptonal berlin) concept

1998/99 performances of CIRCULUM – for chamber orchestra, with "work in progress berlin"

1998/99 intensive preparations for AUSSENKLANG-INNENKLANG BERLIN & INTERNATIONAL, project finds numerous supporters among professionals and political figures in the cultural sphere; Berlin Hauptstadtkulturfond (municipal cultural affairs fund) turns down application for funds

1998/99 preparations for ARIA – 7 sopranos and 7 soundscapes at 7 sites around the globe

1999 premiere of SYN 3, Berlin, Kryptonale V

1999 composition of DER BLAUE KLANG I (the blue sound I) – sound installation for organ, and DER BLAUE KLANG II – performance for chamber ensemble

1999/2000 work on the book FÜR EINE INTEGRALE MODERNE (towards an integral modernity)