Composition for live electronic sound realization, by Johannes Wallmann

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Premiere performance of the version 2 (sound installation): August 27 - September12, 1993
In conjunction with the project RAUM IN RAUM by Johannes Wallmann and Rainer Dunkel
Organized by: Künstlerhof Berlin-Buch
Performers of the concert (september 5, 1993): Sigune von Osten, soprano; Ib Hausmann, clarinet

ZEITSCHWINGUNG/Version 1 - Sound sculpture

The sound sculpture ZEITSCHWINGUNG is realized electro-acoustically and controlled by a computer program. The tones are attuned to the respective performance site, and range in pitch from human voice to synthetic sounds; they are made audible by speakers arranged throughout the space. Twelve different time loops and pitches are layered over one another. Each time loop runs at a single pitch. All the pitches have a specified duration that correspond to the duration of the pauses between them. The pauses between the pitches of a time loop continually increase or decrease proportionally in accordance with the golden section ratio, which gives rise to a meditative interplay between sound and silence. The layering of the 12 time loops and their individual pitches produce rhythms and melodies in the center of the space. The time loops change constantly throughout the duration of the project, so that a dynamic process arises in which any repetition of rhythmic and melodic constellations is out of the question.

The periodicity of ZEITSCHWINGUNG is both linear and cyclical, and suggests that the European, linear understanding of time and the Asian, cyclical understanding of time are not contradictory, but are rather two different sides of one and the same thing.

The different pitch combinations of the continually transforming time loops make ZEITSCHWINGUNG into a form of infinite music, as it were. Given the proper technical conditions, it can play anywhere from an hour to eternity. The composition is accompanied by a selection of texts by Julius T. Fraser, Friedrich Cramer, William Irwin Thompson and Hermann Hesse, which should be clearly presented for convenient reading within the performance space.

The sound sculpture may also be accompanied by performances and concerts, such as RAUM IN/FÜR RAUM for soprano(s), clarinet(s) and metronome (in which the above texts are set to music), ANTIPHON ROTA/ANTIPHON SOLO, GLEICH DEN VÖGELN, and others.

ZEITSCHWINGUNG/Version 2 - Sound installation:

Twelve pine staves, 2.4 m long, strung with piano wire and formed six signs. They are mounted symmetrically along the walls of a space with extremely live acoustics. Controlled by a specially developed computer program, and with the help of 12 electromagnets, the 12 piano strings are struck in accordance with the basic structure described above.

ZEITSCHWINGUNG/Version 3 - instrumental interpretation:

A score exists for the composition ZEITSCHWINGUNG, which can be performed by 12 musicians.