Landscape-sound composition by Johannes Wallmann
for 8 musicians separated by distance

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Premiere performance: June 19, 1993, Goethe-Park, Bad Berka
Organized by: Cultural Office of Bad Berka / Art - Days

The composition GLEICH DEN VÖGELN (Like the Birds) for four clarinets separated by distance (who communicate acoustically with one another across distances in the manner of birds), as well as the solo compositions SUITE FOR SOLO VIOLIN and ROTA, for bassoon, provided the point of departure for a play between time, sound, and landscape, and for the exploration of the acoustic conditions of a section of the Goethe Park in Bad Berka. The four clarinetists were seated forty to eighty meters away from one another, and formed an outer circle at whose center the solo sound structures of the two violins and two bassoons (staggered spatially and temporally, and played by two interpreters each) unfolded. The listeners were invited to wander for 41 minutes along the sculpture path starting at 6 p.m. (the time for bird song) and at 10 p.m. (the onset of nocturnal stillness), and to lend an ear to this TIME - SOUND - LANDSCAPE. The interplay between the music and the unique acoustics of the trees and the singing and twittering birds in the afternoon performance, as well as the resonating stillness and far-away sounds of the night performance, made a rather unfettered impression and exerted a great fascination.

Conceivably, TIME - SOUND - LANDSCAPE may also be adapted for other sites. Aside from an appropriate acoustic environment, the performance would also require music stands protected from the wind and adequate lighting for the evening performance.

performers: Sylvia Creutzburg and Götz Hartmann, violin; Axel Andrae and Noriko Shimada, bassoon; Roland Diry, Wofgang Stryi, Wolfram Große and Ib Hausmann, clarinet;
organisation: Hans-Martin Köhler, Johannes Sczuka