Music in space for 5 sopranos, by Johannes Wallmann

after the poem UN COUP DE DES by Stéphane Mallarmé
containing a CADENZA FOR SOLO SOPRANO to a text fragment by Martin Stefke

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Premiere performance: September 12, 1997, in the old water reservoir Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Organized by: KRYPTONALE III, Berlin 1997

"A THROW OF THE DICE NEVER ELIMINATES CHANCE." Stéphane Mallarmé's last poem UN COUP DE DES (1897/98) – one of the great coups of the late 19th century – might be considered as a reflection of foundering man and perhaps even as a reflection in anticipation of modernity in general. The only consolation is in chance and the constellations of the starry sky.
Five sopranos in an old water reservoir – a space with a very long reverberation – receding, approaching, sustained sounds, stretched-out time, soft, loud, sung, whispered words, falling and rising tones, choral phrases, sounds that shift in space, extreme grades of voice.
In the concluding portion of TRANSFORMA – the cadenza for solo soprano; the seven-star Great Bear constellation rising in Mallarmé's text is supplemented by a text fragment from Martin Stefke's poem "on the terrace": "...the stars tremble/ in the ear still sound/ the words .../ with fearful eyes/ the bear looks/ at her great hunter."

sopranos: Ksenija Lukic, Maacha Deubner, Susanne Serfling, Anita-Marie Schuppan, Margarete Huber.

TRANSFORMA is a part of TRI