SYN 3 [1999]

Music in space by Johannes Wallmann, slide projections by Kurt W. Streubel, live painting by Peter Tiepelmann, choreography and dance by Mark Ates and Yuko Kaseki

Videostills: livepainting | dancing | musicans | Synopsis

Premiere performance: September 11, 1999, in the old reservoirs Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Organized by: KRYPTONALE V, Berlin 1999

SYN 3 - that refers to three methods of producing synergy between different artistic genres. Music, which unfolds in space and combines with slide projections that provide variations on a single form; solo piano and solo soprano simultaneously with a painter's calm execution of a large-format painting on the same canvas where the slides had earlier been projected; the circular or diagonal musical play around a middle tone together with a dance choreography that – separated by the water-color canvas, held together by puppet-like strips – recognizes the boundaries between one side and the other, and yet seeks to cross them. The music is marked by mirror-like structures, and the comparable or contrary approaches of the optical processes and structures provide an extremely interesting pendant.

SYN3 consists of:

. Synopsis Music in space for chamber ensemble by Johannes Wallmann (1978)
to "Esoteric Variations," slide projections by Kurt W. Streubel

Live painting by Peter Tiepelmann to
Auri-Fragments for solo piano (1994) and

Cadenza for solo soprano (1997) by Johannes Wallmann
after texts by Stéphane Mallarmé and Martin Stefke

Dance and choreography by Mark Ates and Yuko Kaseki to
around the middle moderabel 2 for 4 instruments (1988) by Johannes Wallmann

performers: ”work in progress berlin” conducted by Gerhard Müller-Goldboom,;
Frank Gutschmidt, solo piano; Margarete Huber, solo soprano; Peter Tiepelmann, Live painting;
Ates and Yuko Kaseki, dance and choreography.
collaboration and assistance: Ates Baydur