Conzeption and artistic direction: Johannes Wallmann

International symposia / workshops / artistic projects and the KLANGZEIT (sound-time) festival Wuppertal, 1992

1991: inauguration | concert | installation |

1992: sketch | concert | impression | flyer | reviews

Time period: June 1991 - October 1992
Place: Wuppertal

Organized by: Cultural Office of the city of Wuppertal
Financing collaborators: Sekretariat für gemeinsame Kulturarbeit in Nordrhein-Westfalen,
Foundation for art and culture of Nordrhein-Westfalen,
Programm Kaleidoskop of European Union.
Organization: Johannes Wallmann, Ukrike Schrader, Rainer Polter, Susanne Lenz
Under the auspices of The Prime Minister of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Johannes Rau

BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT WUPPERTAL: Johannes Wallmann moved to West Germany from East Berlin in 1989. Early that year, he suggested the BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT concept to the cultural affairs administration of Wuppertal, which led to the ultimate realization of the KLANGZEIT project in 1991/92.

BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT was a reduced form of the BAUHAUS INTEGRAL concept. It took up the idea of the integral interaction of the arts, which had experienced a new flowering at the start of the 20th century with the Weimar Bauhaus. The particular task of the BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT consisted in providing the theoretical and practical groundwork for the interdisciplinary collaboration between the arts, as well as in developing special sound-art projects for the specific conditions of Wuppertal's architectural and landscape spaces. These projects came to realization during the KLANGZEIT WUPPERTAL `92 festival.

First International KLANGZEIT Symposium. The interdisciplinary work of the BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT began in June 1991 with the first international KLANGZEIT Symposium, on the theme THE PART - THE ART - THE WHOLE. Artists, scientists, and scholars of the humanities were invited to reflect on art in holistic contexts. In addition, sound projects by Gordon Monahan, Alvin Curran, and Johannes Wallmann were also presented in 1991, and three "workshop weeks" took place at the BAUHÜTTE, with lectures, discussions, work with school classes, and concerts and performances.

Artistic contributions and presentations in 1991:
Dr. Barbara Barthelmes, Bodo Berheide, Prof. Dr. Gernot Böhme, Prof. Peter Bürger, Hans Cousto, Prof. Dr. F. Cramer, Alvin Curran, Rainer Dunkel, Limpe Fuchs, Prof. Dr. Girndt, Thilo Götze-Regenbogen, Prof. Dr. An der Heiden, Prof. Dr. Herrmann, Dr. Christian Kaden, Peter Kiefer, Hubertus Kirchgäßner, Prof. Dr. Kleinen, Anne Krickeberg, Christina Kubisch, Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz, Prof. Rolf Lieberknecht, Albert Mayr, Dr. Michael Metschies, Prof. Dr. Mocek, Gordon Monahan, Prof. Dr. Hans Oesch, Franz-Martin Olbrisch, Prof. Arno W. Oppermann, Marc Pira, Josef Anton Riedl, Dr. Rüdiger Schaar, Dr. Johannes Schmidt-Sistermanns, Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt, Ueli Schnetzer, Willem Schulz, Mathias Spahlinger, Christian Terstegge, Dr. H. Traub, Johannes Wallmann, Hans U. Werner, Klaus Wittig.

KLANGZEIT WUPPERTAL ´92. The KLANGZEIT WUPPERTAL `92 festival ran from June to October 92, offering a multitude of concerts, installations, and performances that met with great audience demand. In conjunction with the theme ZEITKLANG/KLANGZEIT (Times-Sound/Sound-Time) IN LANDSCAPE AND ARCHITECTURE (INTEGRAL-ART Domain III), the artists of the BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT and their international guests brought to realization the artistic projects developed especially for the conditions in Wuppertal.

Second International KLANGZEIT Symposium. The second international KLANGZEIT Symposium (September 29-October 4, 1992) brought together at an international level sound artists, composers, architects, scholars, and philosophers, who gathered to present their ideas, projects, research, and reflections dealing with the theme ZEITKLANG/KLANGZEIT IN LANDSCAPE AND ARCHITECTURE.

Artistic contributions and presentations in 1992:
Christian Allesch, Sam Auinger / Od Bruceland, Sabine Breitsameter, John Cage, Jürgen Claus, Hans Cousto, Bernard Delage, Uwe Dienel-Sering, Reiner Dunkel, Reinhard Eichelbeck, Bill Fontana, Limpe Fuchs, Jürgen Grölle, Tom Johnson, Peter Kiefer, Hubertus Kirchgäßner, Jochen Kirchhoff, Anne Krickeberg, Bernhard Leitner, Albert Mayr, Klaus-Michael Meyer-Abich, Christian Neumann, Arno W. Oppermann, Daniel Ott, Paul Panhuysen, Marc Pira, Wolf-Dieter Trüstedt, Johannes Schmidt-Sistermanns, Dieter Schnebel, Klaus Schöning, Friedrich Spangemacher, Ralph Spintge, Willem Schulz, Johannes Wallmann, Justin Winkler.