Composition - Sculpture - Sound - Light - Color - Computer
by Rainer Dunkel and Johannes Wallmann

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Premiere: September, 25 - October, 4 1992, on the Wupper of Wuppertal-Elberfeld
Organized by: Cultural Office of the city of Wuppertal

The common link between the optical and acoustic structures of the KLANGSEGEL project is constituted by the four ancient Greek elements, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. In order to shape the the acoustic and optical phenomena of the project, abstractions of the characteristics of these four elements were developed. The four KLANGSEGEL sculptures – which also contain the built-in speakers for the sounds – are organized in space so as to allow the sound and colored light to travel along computer-controlled paths between the sails, creating various patterns of movement. The form chosen for this play of movement is the rondo, which is made up of couplets and refrains. There are four different refrains, with many variations. The sole unchanging moment in the refrains is the circular passage of sound or light from sail to sail. In contrast, the movement patterns of the couplets run along paths between right and left, between front and back, or along a diagonal. Sound and light can be played either synchronously or asynchronously. The play is controlled with the help of a computer program, and each performance results in a unique pattern produced by the spontaneous intentions of the players. The players use their play consoles to specify which of the four elements is to be the dominant one for the respective performance, as well to determine the sequences, variations, duration, and combination of the textures, and when and how which refrain and which couplet should be realized, varied, or combined with other textures. KLANGSEGEL is a very stimulating installation, and it is structured so as to be adaptable for the most varied environments and realizable in the most varied permutations.

Performers: Rainer Dunkel und Johannes Wallmann
Technical realisation: Johannes Thor

With heartfelt thanks to the organizer, its staff, and its collaborating partners for their generous support!