Music in space for four orchestral groups and sopranos
Composition for the Berlin Cathedral by Johannes Wallmann

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Premiere performance: June 7, 1997, in Berlin Cathedral
Broadcast live by DeutschlandRadio

INNENKLANG (Innersound) is a part of the greater project AUSSENKLANG-INNENKLANG BERLIN & INTERNATIONAL (Outersound-Innersound Berlin & International), whose aim is to bring the naturally occurring "outersounds" of civilization together with artificially produced "innersounds". INNENKLANG was realized as the first step of this project. INNENKLANG was conceived specifically for the space and the difficult acoustics of the Berlin Cathedral. Whereas the Cathedral's long reverberation time easily reduces other music to a pulp, the particularity of INNENKLANG consists in the fact that it makes these acoustics clearly audible. In view of the historical location, texts by Anne Frank, Rosa Luxemburg, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Rudolf Bahro are contained in the score.
INNENKLANG was premiered by the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin (Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra) under the direction of Karl Anton Rickenbacher and four assistant conductors. The composition divided the ensemble into four orchestral groups: group 1 in the apse (east), group 3 in the gallery directly opposite (west), group 2 in an aisle gallery (south) and group 4 in the opposite aisle gallery (north). In addition, four sopranos were placed on four different balconies around the 29-meter ring of the dome, and one soprano on the ground, in the middle of the transept. The performance was coordinated over video monitors.

Organized by DeutschlandRadio Berlin
Performer: Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, (Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra)
conducted by Karl Anton Rickenbacher
Assistant conductors: Douglas Brown, Kevin McCutcheon, Ulrich Vogel, Sigurd Brauns
Sopranos: Ksenija Lukic, Maacha Seubner, Susanne Serfling, Anita-Marie Schuppan, Margarete Huber

Editing/production: Dr.Sabine Kreuziger-Vorwerk
Event services: Margarete Krings
Organization in Cathedral: Gitta Pieplow
Sound mixer: Walter Schales
Sound engineer: Jürgen Rothe
Technical organization: Klaus Redlich

Under the auspices of:
The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Eberhard Diepgen