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The video documents four of the ambitious sound projects by Johannes Wallmann, which have been heard by thousands of people throughout the 1990s, and have been broadcast live by radio networks such as DeutschlandRadio, MDR, or NDR. The composer informatively discusses his work and sketches out a new project that he would like to realize at the start of the new millennium.

Video by Hans Schell | 3 releases available:

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SOUND CLIFFS HELGOLAND Landscape-sound composition by Johannes Wallmann

The video documents the creation of the landscape-sound composition KLANG FELSEN HELGOLAND, from the construction of the structure and the rehearsals to the premiere performance, which listeners could experience in person on the evening of August 31, 1996 along the illuminated seacliffs of the island Helgoland, or hear live on the radio, broadcast by NDR 3. The composer himself offers explanatory comments about his work, providing insights into its structure and background.

Video by Ulf Arlinghaus / Halbbild e.V., Wuppertal; in color, 40 min.


The BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT WUPPERTAL was founded in 1991, and took up the over 800-year-old notion of the "Bauhütte together with the ideas of the Weimar Bauhaus of 1919. The chief concern of the BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT was the development – in the interplay of advanced arts – of a theoretical and practical basis for the realization of acoustico-spacial concepts. The projects realized in public city spaces under the auspices of the BAUHÜTTE linked vanguard art with daily life. The video documents three ambitious sound art projects realized in 1991. AQUAEOLIAN MUSIC ROOM ON THE WUPPER RIVER by G. Monahan, CALL TO PRAYER by Alvin Curran, and HOVER & HEAR - from sound to sound with a Wuppertal cable car, by Johannes Wallmann.

Video by Halbbild e.V., Wuppertal; PAL color, 32 min.


During the KLANGZEIT `92 festival, the artists of the BAUHÜTTE KLANGZEIT WUPPERTAL and their international guests described a great sound-and-time arch over Wuppertal. Starting from the UNI performance on the summit of Grifflenberg in Elberfeld, the three-mountain arch spanned over the Hardt (Cage, "Musicircus") to "Soundgarden International" in the Barmen park grounds. Running in the reverse direction to this was a valley line drawn by projects from the Old Market in Barmen, over the Old Post Office in Unterbarmen, and up to the Wallbrücke in Elberfeld. The arch and the line were supplemented by further KLANGZEIT projects distributed freely throughout the mountains and valley. The video documents projects by Thomas Beimel, Rainer Dunkel, Bolle Groelle, Herbert Kirchgaessner, Christian Neumann, Paul Panhuysen. Willem Schulz, John Cage, Bill Fontana, Tom Johnson, Anne Krickeberg, ArnoW.Oppermann, Marc Pira, Uwe Dienel-Sering, Limpe Fuchs, Peter Kiefer, Albert Mayr, Daniel Ott, Johannes Sistermanns, and Johannes Wallmann.

Video by Halbbild e.V., Wuppertal; PAL color, 52 min